Shipment and Delivery

  • Shipment and Delivery DHL or UPS delivery time is 2 – 3 working days and the price varies by country. It will be displayed when the country is selected on the checkout page.Shipping costs range from 18 to 26 euros
  • Cargo delivery cannot be made on weekends and public holidays, orders corresponding to these dates will be made on the first working day after cargo delivery.
  • Orders are delivered to the cargo within 1-3 working days. The time to reach you may vary depending on your address.
  • Inventory control of the products on our site is carried out continuously. If the products contained in your order have an instant stock problem and cannot be supplied, the information is provided by reaching your phone number in your membership information and your return is quickly made to the account you want.
  • Shipping cost will be added to your order amount.
  • Be sure to check for damage to the package before taking delivery when your order reaches you. In case of damage to the box, before signing a delivery document, ask the cargo officer to issue a “damage detection report” and return the package to the cargo officer with the report
  • Your order is under the guarantee of the Silver By Ness brand until it is delivered to you by the cargo company.

Product Return: The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within seven days after receiving the goods without any justification and without paying criminal conditions. In accordance with the general communique of the Tax Procedure Code 385, the buyer must complete the return form through the site and send the original invoice belonging to the seller delivered with the goods to the seller along with the product. The period of withdrawal begins from the day of delivery of the goods to the buyer. The cost of returning the returned product or products must be borne by the buyer. The buyer has no right to withdraw goods prepared in accordance with his wishes and/or his personal needs. If buyer uses the right of withdrawal, seller will return the total price received within ten days at the latest from the receipt of the invoice containing the withdrawal notification to him along with the product and any documents that put the consumer under debt, if any, to the consumer without any costs. A decrease in the value of the delivered goods or the existence of a reason that makes it impossible to return does not prevent the exercise of the right of withdrawal. But if the decrease in value or impossibility of Return is caused by the consumer’s defect, the seller must compensate the value or decrease in the value of the product. The General return period for each product received from Sehven is 7 days. During this time, the return of products that have been unpacked, used, destroyed, not accepted. Return must be made with original packaging. If any opening, deterioration, breakage, destruction, tear, use and other situations are detected in the product and its packaging and the product cannot be returned to the buyer at the time of delivery, the product will not be returned and the price will not be refunded. For a product return, the situation should be communicated to customer service first. Information about sending the product as a return is transmitted by the seller to the customer. After this interview, the goods must be delivered to the seller via the shipping company, which delivers to the buyer’s address along with the invoice containing information about the return of the product. A refund that reaches the seller is considered a refund if the product business meets the conditions specified in this agreement, the refund is also made to the buyer’s credit card/account. The price is not refunded without returning the product. Credit card refunds to credit card accounts reflection time is at the savings of the relevant bank. If the purchase is made by credit card and in installments, the credit card refund procedure will be applied as follows: if the buyer has submitted the request to purchase the product in how many installments, the Bank pays the buyer back in installments. Product price from the seller to the bank after paying all at the same time, the bank mail from the buyer’s credit card installment expenses of the parties involved in the case of the refund to issue the refund amount requested not to fall victim, again as installment hamil-party accounts by bank transfer. 1(One) refund will be reflected on the card every month if the refund date and the card’s account cut dates do not coincide, and the buyer will receive the installments he paid before the refund after the installments of the sale are over, as well as the number of installments he paid before the refund and will be deducted from his existing debts. If the goods and services received by card are returned, the seller cannot pay the buyer in cash in accordance with the contract he has entered into with the Bank. A member workplace, that is, the seller, will make a refund through the relevant software in the event of a refund transaction, and a member workplace, that is, the seller is obliged to pay the relevant amount to the bank in cash or offsetting, so the buyer cannot be paid in cash in accordance with the procedure detailed above. Credit card refund will be made by the Bank in accordance with the above procedure after the buyer has paid the price to the Bank at one time.

Cases Where The Right To Return Cannot Be Used

  • Products made or changed by special order (products whose dimensions are changed according to request, with special articles written on them, etc.) non-refundable
  • According to hygiene rules, earrings cannot be returned or changed
  • The product to be returned must be completely undamaged and unused. Products that have been scratched, damaged or physically altered in any way are never returned.
  • After the product requested to be returned reaches us, the product is examined by our experts and then the return procedures are started
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