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As Silver By Ness, we are involved in data processing activities through mobile applications, mobile sites, Silver By Ness stores, Special Customer Program Agreement and other automatic or non-automatic means belonging to Silver By Ness / Neslihan Duygu Günay. In this text we have published on our website, we would like to inform you, our valued customers / users / members, of our Personal Data Protection Policy of Silver By Ness. As Silver By Ness, can we process your personal data? As Silver By Ness, we process some of your data in order to fulfill the services we offer to you within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (“KVKK”). As stated in article 3 / ı of KVKK; I. determining the purposes and means of processing personal data, ii. we are responsible for the establishment and management of the data recording system Due to the KVKK, we have certain responsibilities and liabilities as “data controller”. Due to our data controller (i) your explicit consent, or (ii) 5/2 of the KVKK. We may process your personal data in accordance with the law and in a way that respects your personal rights. What data do we process as Silver By Ness? It belongs to you, our valued customers / users / members, through mobile applications, mobile sites, Silver By Ness stores, Silver By Ness Special Customer Program Agreement and other channels belonging to;

  • Name / Surname, date of birth information, TR ID number
  • Mobile phone, fixed phone information, e-mail address information, residence address information,
  • If you use our website, your traffic information about the page,
  • Your shopping history and payment method
  • Marketing and communication preferences
  • If you match your membership with your social media accounts, the information in your social media accounts that you approve,
  • Information about the shopping you have made is processed by us in accordance with KVKK.

For what purposes do we process your personal data? Provided that KVKK, other legislation and international regulations comply with your personal data;

  • Creating and managing your personal account on the platform within Silver By Ness,
  • Managing your orders and returns using the online service,
  • Send a cell phone message to inform the delivery status
  • To contact you in any possible problem related to the delivery of your products,
  • To inform you about your requests and to inform you about new or changed services,
  • To send marketing offers such as newsletters and catalogs,
  • Considering the shopping experiences of our customers, giving directions about the products they may be interested in and providing information about the campaigns,
  • To increase customer satisfaction, to be able to get to know our customers who shop from the website and / or mobile applications and to use them in customer environment analysis, to use them in various marketing and advertising activities and to organize surveys in electronic and / or physical environment through contracted organizations,
  • To be able to offer suggestions to our customers by our contracted institutions and solution partners, to inform our customers about our services,
  • To inform the winners of online competitions,
  • To make analysis to provide you with appropriate marketing offers and information,
  • To verify that you are of legal age to shop online,
  • To send you surveys to enable you to benefit from our offers and services,
  • Testing and developing the systems on which our services are provided,
  • To prevent malicious or misuse of our services,

With whom do we share your data as Silver By Ness? Within the scope of KVKK, with our employees who are the representatives of the data controller within Silver By Ness in order to realize the service provided to you, our valued customers / users / members, within the scope of KVKK, with our business partners who are in contractual relations within the scope of KVKK, the real / legal with people, with program partner owned domestic and foreign institutions, this substance not listed but authorized according to other third persons contained in the data processing activities and the Republic of Turkey laws were administrative or judicial institution / transferred to the penny. What are our obligations as Silver By Ness to protect your personal data? Since we do not process your personal data as a data controller, we have certain obligations within the scope of KVKK and other legislation. If it is necessary to specify the related liabilities under the headings;






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